Crusher Backing Compound 3.2GAL RWCCB-28

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Crusher Backing Compound

•Cone Crusher •Grinding Mills •Machine Beding
•Gyratory Crusher •Backing Plates •Grouting

RHINO-CCB is a nano-elasto toughened, 100% solids,
solvent-free epoxy wear backing system that eliminates wear
liner gaps, providing high compressive strength and impact
resistance under extreme conditions.
The product is designed to be poured easily to fill the void
cavity to back wear liners with volumetric stability and
energy-absorbing support to improve the operational
performance of the crusher system.
This low density product takes advantage of lighter weight
and an increased volume per kit providing up to 60% more
coverage compared to competitive products at equal weight.
This means less mixing time, pouring and storage. Its longer
pot life is also a desirable feature that allows for greater
working time with the product.
RHINO-CCB is easy to use and free of VOCs, butyl glycidyl
ether and nonyl phenol providing an environmental and
operator safe product with low odor during installation. A
unique color-changing technology is incorporated into the
polymer reaction to assure proper product mixing ratio
eliminating rework errors.

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